Trades panel displays your trading history

Trades panel shows all past trades made by a trader on all accounts.

Available columns


login name of an account that made a trade


Date and time when a trade was made


A traded symbol


Comments for symbol

Symbol type

A symbol's market category (CFD, spot, stocks, etc.)

Expiration date

Date of contract expiration

Strike price

Price of option contract performance


Type of trade (BUY or SELL)

Order type


Amount of a trade, either in lots or in units, depending on what is selected in the Settings dialog box


Price at which a trade was filled

Gross P/L

Profit/loss in account currency, calculated on base of price difference


Shows total commission amount taken for a trade

Net P/L

Profit/loss for a trade excluding fee

Trade value

Trade ID

A unique number that the trading system assigns to each trade

Order ID

A unique number that the trading system assigns to each order

Connection name

Context menu actions

By right-clicking on each row of Trades panel, you will get a context menu with the following functions:

Common actions

Group by

Groups all rows by the selected column

Columns visibility

Allows to toggle the columns visibility

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