Changing RTD Throttle Interval in Excel

Excel has a throttle that manages how often the data will be updated. Use this guide to change the throttle interval in couple steps.

The default throttle interval is set at 2000 milliseconds. To change it in the Excel, please follow steps below:

  1. In Excel, go to the Visual Basic Editor by pressing ALT + F11.

  2. Open the Immediate Window and type this code: Application.RTD.ThrottleInterval=0 (Note: If the Immediate Window is not open, press CTRL + G to display the window.)

  3. Make sure your cursor is on the line that you just typed and then press ENTER. (Note: The '(0)' can be amended to adjust the desired rate.)

  4. To verify that it is set correctly, type this line of code on the Immediate Window: ? Application.RTD.ThrottleInterval

  5. Make sure your cursor is at the end of this line and then press ENTER. The window should display 0; then you know that your throttle interval is set correctly.

Throttle Interval Value is set in milliseconds (!)

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