🎨Themes editor

Quantower Themes editor allows global UI color modification and saves these changes as a new custom theme.

Quantower has a massive set of settings for each functionality, allowing you to tune coloring. Each panel provides a setting up for the visual representation of its contents: show/hide components and apply custom colors and text styling. Then, you can save these changes as defaults per panel or create a panel's Templates containing the specific functionality settings set. Themes editor fulfills the creativity of every trader, allowing them to make the complete coloring override based on their taste.

Theming basic principles

Quantower UI color theme (Theme) is a set of color variables used throughout the application. Initially, each panel, screen, or technical message uses these variables as color defaults and then applies the custom colors set by the user via settings, if there are any.

When you switch your Theme, Quantower will override all in-panel colors to the new Theme's color set and reset all your custom coloring changes. This was made to keep the overall UI presentation complete and persistent (especially when switching between dark and light themes).

Please note! To reapply your custom in-panel colors after the theme change, save them using "Set as default" or "Save as Template" per each panel.

After the Theme switch, reopen the required panel to apply the custom "Set by Default" colors or use the previously saved panel's Template via the context menu.

Themes editor screen

The theme editor screen is in the Miscellaneous section of the Control Center sidebar. Once you launch it, you will be notified about the custom color reset mentioned above. When you click Proceed, your Theme will be reset to its defaults and ready for modification.

Please note! We recommend selecting the default theme that best meets your preferences and then starting to modify it.

The Themes editor screen consists of the following:

  • themes selector;

  • current Theme's name (available only for custom Themes);

  • a set of Theme's color variables;

  • a bottom actions bar.

If you have a Default theme selected, you can't apply any color modifications to it. Instead, you should save your changes as a New theme first. You may Save a new theme at the very beginning or after you have made any color edits.

When editing any Custom theme, you will be allowed to:

  • delete this theme

  • duplicate this theme (Save as new)

  • apply color changes

  • discard changes to the Theme's parameters

Themes sharing

We strive to create the best user experience and constantly update the default themes. But — "as many people as many tastes" — so each user can make another "masterpiece" that will be loved by a traders community.

This is why sharing themes is as simple as sharing other Quantower extensions—just copy-paste your theme to the respective folder in any remote Quantower installation folder -> Settings -> Themes -> [Custom theme].

Please share & get new Themes in our Discord channel thread.

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