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Drawing tools

The most powerful tools for drawing levels and other elements on the chart
The drawing library in the Quantower platform has a big list of tools for any traders. For its activation, please click on the "Pencil' icon and the full list of tools will appear.
How to add favorite drawing tools to the side bar

How to synchronize drawings between multiple charts?

Learn how to Synchronize Drawing Tools between multiple charts

How to create multiple templates for drawings?

Starting from Quantower version # 1.126 all drawings have a new option 'Save as Template'. Using multiple templates, a trader can set up drawings with different visual parameters, and switch between them in a couple of clicks.
  • Once you have configured the drawing to your own choice, click on Save icon and select Save as Template from the dropdown list.
  • Set the necessary name for the current template.
Configuring and saing a new template
  • You can also save the template via the context menu of the drawing
Saving of new template for the drawing
  • Once you have created several templates, you can switch between them via the context menu of the drawing.
Switching between multiple drawing templates
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