Quantower Account

An account is required to gain access to the platform’s paid features even for a trial period

Quantower account (Account) is a part of Licensing functionality. It is required to bind a paid licenses for Quantower software and its add-ons per account holder.

Actually, you don’t require to have an Account while using a Free version of Quantower.

Once you start using some paid feature, you will be asked to Login to your Account, so Quantower could verify whether you have the permission to use it. From this moment you can cancel the authorization process or proceed to log in. Once canceled you just won’t be able to use that paid feature. If you decide to log in, you need to have an Account and one of the paid licenses bound with it.

Account creation

There are two ways to get yourself an Account:

In both ways you will get to Account log in form.

If you don’t have an account

Already have an Account

Press the GET STARTED link in the footer.

Enter your credentials and press SIGN ME IN

After you submit the Registration form, you will get a verification email on the address, you have specified. You should follow the link from that email to complete the Registration process.

Account management

You can manage your account after registration in your personal cabinet — https://accounts.quantower.com/. Here you can:

  • see you currently active licenses;

  • buy or prolong licenses;

  • change your Account password.

Account removal

You can apply for removing your account by contacting Quantower Support via any applicable way: https://www.quantower.com/contact-us.

You can keep your Quantower account for future use without any worries

Please note that your Quantower account does not require any subscription fee, as we do not have a subscription-based billing system for Quantower licenses. This means that any features you have purchased earlier will remain available under your account until the end of the term period and will not be automatically prolonged. Therefore, you will not be obligated to pay if you choose not to extend the period of the paid feature usage.

You can keep your account for as long as you like without needing to remove or cancel it to avoid unintended billing. Remember, you can always use Quantower for free.

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