Connection to Topstep

To begin your work with Topstep, you must first register on their website and pay for access to a trading account (combine).

Once you have paid, please log in to your personal account on the Topstep website using the login and password you provided during registration.

When you access the general section of your personal account, you'll find the main parameters of your account, such as your current balance, Net P&L, and performance chart.

To access a trading account through the Quantower platform, click on the icon for additional account information. Your login and password details will be displayed there.

Please note that the password for your Topstep personal account is different from the password required to access your trading account on the platform.

Possible issues with connection to Topstep account & trading issues

  • Market Data Connection Login Failed. Please contact the FCM/IB who issued your login id for assistance.

The most common issue encountered while attempting to log in to the platform is an error. Several reasons may cause this:

1) Please ensure that you are entering the correct Login & Password to access the platform, as it is not the same as the one used for logging into your personal account. Your username and password are case-sensitive, so please double-check to ensure they're entered correctly.

You can find the correct password on your personal cabinet, as we have shown previously.

If you selected the Tradovate platform during registration, unfortunately, you won't be able to connect to other platforms, including Quantower. To change your selection and connect to Quantower, please contact Topstep's support team. They will assist you in updating your platform choice to ensure compatibility with Quantower.

2) Please ensure that you have chosen the correct server for connection, as it is crucial to use Topstep (Tostep trader Chicago Area, Topstep trader Europe, etc.)

3) Please make sure your account is active. To do this, open the Rtrader Pro platform and try logging in using your credentials. Make sure you've selected the correct server. If you don't have Rtrader Pro, you can download it from the official Rithmic website.

4) For new users, please make sure to sign two agreements first. You can easily do this in the Rtrader Pro platform.

  • Username & Password are Not Available (N/A)

If your Username and Password are not yet available (N/A), please contact Tosptep support. Typically, the full account activation takes 1-2 business days.

  • No symbols found at Topstep

This error occurs when you were able to connect to your account, but at the moment it is not yet fully activated by Topstep. You need to contact their support with your username and account number in order for them to activate your account to receive market data.

  • Can not select an account for trading

Sometimes users may encounter an issue of not having a trading account. Even though the platform connection is successful and the market data subscription is active, trading operations are not possible.

Most likely, your account is not fully activated. We recommend reaching out to Topstep support to resolve this matter. They will be able to assist you and ensure your account is fully activated for trading.

  • Rejected at RMS β€” Total sell (buy) quantity of contract would exceed its limit

This is a standard alert from Rithmic's risk management system indicating that you have exceeded the allowed number of orders for trading. To view all limitations on your trading account, please refer to the Account Information panel.

For additional details on the permitted number of contracts for each account size, you can visit Topstep's website at this link.

  • Rejected at RMS β€” Loss limit for account exceeded

This is a standard alert from Rithmic's risk management system indicating that you have exceeded the loss limit on the selected trading account. More details you can find on Topstep's help base: - What is the Daily Loss Limit and what happens if I exceed it? - What is the Maximum Loss Limit?

In some cases, Quantower platform may accept, execute, and then immediately close your order. This can occur due to specific settings in your Topstep account and may indicate that your account has reached a drawdown limit. It is recommended to check the error status in the Rtrader Pro platform for more detailed insights into this issue.

What is included in Quantower for free?

Topstep accounts will be provided with the Premium Feature Bundle for free:

  • DOM Surface (requires Level2 data subscription)

  • Charting (Maximum 2 indicators per chart)

  • Copy Trading (works only under 1 login where a trader has multiple accounts. For different logins a trader needs to have an Advanced Features license)

Topstep accounts do not provide the following:

When and what products can you trade with Topstep?

All information regarding permitted products and trading hours is available on the Topstep website.

How to set custom trading sessions for particular symbols?

To create and manage trading sessions, you'll need to use the Sessions Manager. By default, the platform comes pre-configured with trading sessions for major instruments (ES, NQ, CL) and is active for CQG and Rithmic connections.

To select a specific session on the chart, go to Chart settings -> View -> Sessions template. From the dropdown list, choose the session you need.

More details you can find in this guide.

How to show/hide RTH or ETH sessions on the chart?

Sometimes, you may want to display data on the chart only for RTH (Regular Trading Hours) or ETH (Extended Trading Hours) session and hide all data that falls outside the specified session time. To do this, open the chart settings, go to the View section, and uncheck the "Show out of session history" option. This way, you'll see only the data relevant to the selected session.

How to place trades on Micro futures (MES) from the major futures (ES)?

Quantower allows traders to execute trades on micro futures from the chart of the main futures contract. For example, you can analyze the ES chart and place orders directly from it, but these orders will be automatically routed to the micro futures contract MES.

To achieve this, we recommend using the Symbol Mapping panel. Setting up the mapping takes just a few clicks and is thoroughly explained in our documentation.

How to create a mapping between Mini and Micro symbols (ES and MES) on the same connection (Rithmic or CQG only).

What's even more exciting is that you can configure mapping not only within one connection (Rithmic or CQG) but also across different connections (like dxFeed + Interactive Brokers).

Why Quantower does lost a connection to Rithmic after the Market closed?

This happens because Rithmic conducts technical maintenance or updates during this period. As a result, the platform cannot access market data while these updates are being carried out.

How to place OCO orders?
How to place Bracket orders?

Once you set your SL (Stop Loss) and TP (Take Profit) parameters, every market or limit order placed from the chart will be sent with these bracket orders. This ensures that your trades are automatically managed according to your predefined risk/reward parameters.

Why I can not add more than 2 indicators?

Topstep accounts will be provided with the Premium Feature Bundle for free:

Is there a fee for copy trading?

Topstep traders can enjoy free Copy Trading, which operates under a single login that includes multiple accounts.

To copy trades across different Topstep accounts, you need to purchase the Advanced Features license. This license will enable you to manage multiple accounts.

How to enable cluster chart?

Before activating a cluster chart, you need to enable the Volume Analysis Toolbar. To do this, in the upper right corner of the chart panel, click on the "Magnifier" icon. A toolbar with Volume Analysis tools will appear at the bottom of the chart. More details you can find in this guide

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