Connection to FXCM

FXCM offers a wide range of trading instruments, such as 40+ FX pairs, CFDs on commodities, indices, as well as the main cryptocurrencies.

This connection has been updated due to changes in the API and now operates starting with version 1.137.1.

To connect Quantower to FXCM broker, you need to have an active trading account (Demo or Real). Below we have described the step-by-step process of getting an account.

How to create a new FXCM account for Quantower platform

  1. Go to the FXCM official website to create a demo or live account. If you already have an account, please log in.

  1. For example, to create a demo account, simply fill out the basic form and click the 'Trade Now' button.

  1. After completing this step, you will receive a login and password. These can be used to access both the Quantower platform and their web platform.

  1. Open Connection Manager in Quantower and select FXCM broker. Choose Demo or Real, paste Login/Password, and click the Connect button.

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