Quantower Algo

Create different trading scripts such as indicators and strategies. No need to study a proprietary language or development environment — use well-known practices used by developers all over the world
Here are the articles in this section:
Create indicators and strategies, as well as platform extensions: plugins, Custom columns, connectors with brokers etc
Install for Visual Studio
How to install Visual Studio and Quantower Algo extension, and create your own indicators and strategies
Strategy runner
In order to make some automated trading via Quantower, you need to use the Strategy runner panel. The main purpose of th...
Simple Indicator
In this topic we will show you how simple is writing indicators in Quantower
Simple strategy
How to create you first strategy and run it the Quantower trading platform
Input Parameters
Modify your indicators or strategies behavior using a set of Input parameters
Built-In indicators access
Use the results of 50+ built-in indicators of Quantower in your strategies and indicators
Custom indicators access
Instantiate a custom indicator with input parameters.
Level2 data
Access to aggregate and non-aggregate order book collections.
Access Volume analysis data from indicators
Use advanced Volume Analysis technique in your indicators
Indicator with custom painting (GDI)
Draw any graphical objects on the chart using the GDI+ library
Access Chart from indicator
Using markers with indicators
Mark some specific point or set of points on indicator's line
Using Clouds in Indicator
Draw highlighted areas between two indicator lines.
Adding a custom indicator to Watchlist
How to add a custom indicator to Watchlist panel properly? This guide will show you a useful method using which you can ...
Downloading history
Using historical data for indicator or strategy calculations
Access to trading portfolio
Access an info about current opened positions, placed orders or history of your trades
Trading operations
Placing a different type of orders, modifying and canceling them using Quantower API
Example: Simple Moving Average
Access to crypto account and balances
Get access to current crypto account information.
Access to advanced aggregations
Using the available aggregation types in your code
Access to symbol/account additional fields
Access to collection of additional fields