Trades panel displays your trading history

Trades panel is related to Portfolio group of Control Center sidebar.

The common look of Trades panel

Available columns


login name of an account that made a trade


Date and time when a trade was made


A traded symbol


Comments for symbol

Symbol type

A symbol's market category (CFD, spot, stocks, etc.)

Expiration date

Date of contract expiration

Strike price

Price of option contract performance


Type of trade (BUY or SELL)

Order type


Amount of a trade, either in lots or in units, depending on what is selected in the Settings dialog box


Price at which a trade was filled

Gross P/L

Profit/loss in account currency, calculated on base of price difference


Shows total commission amount taken for a trade

Net P/L

Profit/loss for a trade excluding fee

Trade value

Trade ID

A unique number that the trading system assigns to each trade

Order ID

A unique number that the trading system assigns to each order

Connection name

Context menu actions

By right-clicking on each row of Trades panel, you will get a context menu with the following functions:

Context functions

Common actions

Group by

Groups all rows by the selected column

Columns visibility

Allows to toggle the columns visibility