Getting Started

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What's new
History of Quantower updates shows the changes that were in each version.
System requirements and 3 simple steps to successfully install the platform
First start
After installation, the platform will start automatically with default workspace and Binance connection with Info Mode t...
Platform update
Quantower — is a constantly developing application that is why you can be sure to open more and more useful features eac...
Quantower Beta
With Beta version you will receive updates to new functionality that is still in testing.
Quantower Account
An account is required to gain access to the platform’s paid features even for a trial period
Quantower Licenses
We offer a user with a Free license, two packages as well as licenses for separate features.
License Comparison
Below you will find the detailed comparison table of licenses and platform features. Prices are available on our officia...
Backup & restore manager
Backup & restore manager plugin allows to keep your settings safe and restore them in case of troubles with the applicat...
Reset settings to default
Follow this step-by-step guide to reset platform's settings to default
Payment FAQ
While the process of purchasing the Quantower license is pretty straightforward, there are some questions that can occur...
“Coinpayments” payment
One of the most popular payment methods for Quantower licenses — is a Coinpayments service. It allows paying for advance...
Binance fresh account
Referral Program
Quantower Referral Program — mutually-beneficial partnership, between us and our customers. Start earning real money rig...
You have found a bug. What’s next?
If you faced an abnormal application’s behavior while using Quantower — don’t panic.