Connection to Rithmic

Rithmic technology provides access for trading futures and options on CME, CBOT, NYMEX and other exchanges. Full market depth, reliable data and great execution are main features of Rithmic.

To connect Quantower to a broker that uses Rithmic technology, it is sufficient to have (or create a new) account.

Connection for Existed Accounts

  • Download and install R Trader Pro from Rithmic official website.

  • Open connection manager, select Rithmic and specify the type of connection (Demo / Real).

  • Click on Connection Settings and activate Use RTrader option to avoid additonal fees for subscription to market data. If necessary, trader can change the server. By default, the Rithmic Paper Chicago server is set for demo accounts and the Rithmic Aurora Chicago server is set for real accounts.

  • Enter your login and password and click Connect.

Enter login data for connection to Rithmic

Starting from May 1, the CME exchange сhanged the rules for determining a professional market participant, and as a result, increased the fee for the market data. In order to correctly define the professional participant, Ritmic has changed the connection parameters in their platform, as well as in API for platforms such as Quantower.

To avoid additional fees for subscription to market data, a trader needs to login through the R Trader Pro platform and activate the setting in Quantower, which is called Use RTrader.

Activate Use RTrader option to avoid additonal fees for subscription to market data

Creating a New Accounts and further connection

  • Create a new demo or open a real account with any broker supporting Rithmic technology, accept agreements, and start using our platform.

  • To register Rithmic Demo go to their official website or follow this link

  • Fill in all the required fields

  • Accept "Market Data Subscription Agreement" and "Market Data Self-Certification"

  • Account will be activated within 30-60 minutes.

Problems during the connection to Rithmic

Sometimes, when connecting to the Rithmic, you may see the error "Market Data Connection Closed".

Rithmic error "Market Data Connection Closed" in Quantower

This error message is most commonly encountered by new Rithmic users for various reasons and is not within the control of Quantower platform. More often it occurs for the following reasons:

  • You didn't accept aggrements "Market Data Subscription Agreement" and "Market Data Self-Certification" during the registration on Rithmic's website or in R Trader platform. We recommend connecting through R Trader or R Trader Pro platforms to check your account.

  • A new account was created less than an hour ago. Usually the full activation of a new account takes from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

  • The error can be encountered because the Rithmic server is unavailable to be connected to. This error commonly can be encountered over the weekend. In this case it is best to wait until Sunday evening to see if you can connect to determine if this is the problem or there is some other problem.

  • Rithmic demo accounts are limited to 14 days per exchange guidelines on providing live, streaming data. If you have used a Rithmic demo previously you will not be able to login with a new Rithmic demo Username.

  • If you are unable to connect within a few days, you need to contact your broker about this issue.