Connection to MetaStock

This guide walks you through the process of registering a new account for MetaStock XENITH, installing the Eikon application and how to connect it via Quantower platform

How to install MetaStock XENITH / EIKON and create an account?

Metastock provides trial access to its platform for 1 month. Follow the link and click on the button “Get a FREE 1 month trial of XENITH”. Select the market data you'd like to subscribe to.

Prices for subscription to MetaStock XENITH market data

Metastock offers a database of various analytical data that is divided not only by type, but also by region. For example, if you need market data for a specific exchange, or a region (Asia, Europe), you can easily select it on their website. But we recommend using Metastock support for that, which will help you to create the data plan that will fit your requirements.

MetaStock Eikon in action

Create an account to get their products. If you already have an account, please login into the system.

Login to your account or create a new one

Download and install Metastock XENITH

After you have chosen the necessary subscription and created a new account, you need to sign User Agreement, download and install Metastock XENITH. The link is available in your personal cabinet after registration.

Launch Quantower with Metastock connection

Select Metastock connection in the Quantower connection manager and press Connect. That will also launch Metastock software. Enter the credentials you’ve got from Metastock in their application.

Click on the Connect button and the platform will start Eikon platform automatically
MetaStock XENITH Eikon lauching