Connection to Interactive Brokers

Follow the steps in this guide to connect the Quantower platform to the Interactive Brokers. The manual contains a detailed description, which will allow you to correctly configure the connection.

Necessary steps for successful connection

This guide will help you to configure the connection to the Interactive Brokers and start working on Quantower platform.

Video connection guide to Interactive Brokers
  1. Download and install Quantower trading platform (if you haven’t it yet) of an appropriate version (32 bit or 64 bit), and make sure that your PC complies with the minimum requirements

  2. After installing the platform, you need to create a demo or real account by clicking the appropriate links on the Interactive Brokers official website.

Creating a demo or real account on Interactive Brokers

3. Download and install IB Software — TWS (Trader Workstation) or IB Gateway on their website. The difference between IB Gateway and TWS is that IB Gateway has a lighter and less sophisticated graphical user interface (GUI) than TWS.

Download Trader Workstation (TWS) or IB Gateway

4. Launch TWS or IB Gateway and enter your User name and Password into it, that you received from the broker and click Login button.

For IB Gateway in the API Type section select IB API only!

Select API type and enter Login and password for IB Gateway

5. Once you are logged in, open the additional settings in IB Gateway or TWS: Configure-> Settings. Select API section - > Precautions and activate all checkboxes

Activate all checkboxes in the IB Gateway or TWS API settings

6. Open the Connections Manager in Quantower platform, select Interactive Brokers connection and click on the CONNECT button.

Click on the Connect button once you are logged in to TWS or IB Gateway

Problems during the connection to Interactive Brokers

  1. Wrong Connection Parameters

There may be some problems during the connection to Interactive Brokers, for example Wrong Connection Parameters

Wrong parameteres during connection to Interactive Brokers

In this case, you need to check the connection settings in our platform and in the TWS platform (or IB Gateway). In our platform, go to the Connection Settings.

Connection settings in Quantower for Interactive Brokers

Select the application through which you are connecting — TWS platform or IB Gateway.

Select the necessary connection port type

If the problem persists even after choosing the right application, you need to configure the Socket port in TWS (or IB Gateway) and Quantower.

This Socket port in TWS (or IB gateway) should be the same as in Quantower

Select the Custom connection port type in the Connection settings of Quantower and set the Port Value

This Socket port in Quantower should be the same as in TWS (or IB gateway)

2. Trader Workstation is not running

Trader Workstation is not running. Please launch it to connect to IB

Connection to Interactive Brokers is made through their TWS trading platform or the IB Gateway application. To successfully connect to IB you need to run their applications.

If you have any other problems during the connection to Interactive Brokers, please contact us in support and we will help you.